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Contemporary & Ballet Classes


Contemporary Dance is a must for the technically trained dancer, and can be described as a mixture of neo classical, modern and jazz styles. At BSDC we offer contemporary classes for students aged 9+ and offer annual contemporary exams for the serious dancer. Examinations are taken in the Australia Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) syllabi from Levels 1 to advanced.

We also offer beginners Contemporary classes to suit beginner students, or students who do not wish to take the examinations.  (See Teen Classes)


A strong Classical ballet technique is essential for any dancer and a must for the serious dance student.  At BSDC we can offer you the very best and up to date teachings in classical ballet in safe and structured classes, with qualified and experienced ballet teachers. Annual Royal academy of Dance (RAD) exams are offered for students aged 6 + in Graded and Vocational levels. Character is introduced in Grade One and Pointe technique is introduced when the appropriate and required technique is attainted.

Ballet Classes are also offered to beginner teens or anyone who does not wish to participate in annual exams, or who only wish to attend one class a week. (See Teen Classes)

Junior  and Kindy aged Ballet classes are also offered. (See Imagine Classes and Junior Classes)

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